About our lodge and how it all started...

In the Spring of 1989, we began the first steps towards our beautiful log home.  It is constructed of Engelmann Spruce which were cut from
the forest of Northern New Mexico.  We purchased the trees from the Forest Service and had them cut and delivered to a two acre site
where they were hand peeled with a draw knife by many of our family members.  We then hired a Log smith who constructed the log home
on the two acres with the intent of moving it to a permanent location once we knew where we wanted it built.  We finally decided we liked
the area around Durango, Colorado and purchased a ten acre lot just five miles south of the Durango Mountain Sports ski area, formerly
called Purgatory.

We had planned a six bedroom lodge but thought it best to practice our skills on a garage first.  Since we had plans for a six bedroom
lodge, we decided we would need help with the lodge so added a living area above the garage for live in assistance.  The Log smith then
suggested going up three more logs and having a loft.  This we need and now have a large bedroom, bath and game area on the third
floor.  Since the logs are as much as 24 inches in diameter, our daughter suggested we not cut them to make a garage but add bedrooms
instead.  We now have two bedrooms and two baths on the first floor.  We now have a three bedroom, four bath log home on ten acres.  We
still have the plans for the six bedroom lodge and who knows what the future holds.  Since the two bedrooms in lieu of the garage was an
afterthought, there is no entrance from the first floor to the second floor living quarters.  There is a 30x30 foot deck on the second floor and
we have plans to put a stairwell from under that deck to the second floor.  That would give two entrances to the second floor.  This home
was eight years in the making and was our second home.  Not being able to utilize it very much, we thought it a waste to have it set empty.  
We do hope anyone who wishes to rent it will enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you so much for considering our home as your "Home Away From Home" vacation rental, I am sure that you will find many qualities
and amenities at Lambert's Lodge which give you that back at home feeling.

    Paul and Marty Lambert
Lambert's Lodge
Durango, Colorado
Lambert's Lodge